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So what do you want, iphone, xbox, ps3, ipad???

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So what do you want, iphone, xbox, ps3, ipad???

Post by ifreebieit on Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:29 am

Hello everyone! I know I’m a relatively new member to the forum but firstly let me say you can trust me Smile. Basically I’m just telling you about my website . Essentially its a website that shows you how to get cheap/free gadgets and other items. Right now I know exactly what you’re thinking – to good to be true/scam. Well if you go on to the website that will basically go into detail (not boring Wink) on how you can get stuff for free/cheap. I understand though that you might be sceptic about just clicking on it so I’ll tell you about it...

Once you’ve read the website and seen that it’s legit, dotted through out it are links to sign up to freebiejeebies.

By signing up via my website I get what’s called a referral, as I’ve referred you to freebiejeebies.

In order to get your free/cheap stuff, you need to complete an offer. This can vary from free things such a free trial or depositing £5 a bingo website for example. Hence where the cheap/free comes in.

Once you’ve done this I’ve basically got what I wanted a completed referral. Now however you can start referring people as I’m doing now and when they sign up and complete an offer you can exchange your referral for gifts.

Ok that was kinda confusing so check out my website for less confusingness <--- non word Wink or pm or ask me on

If you are sceptic I completely understand, even the gadget show on channel 5 thought it was to good to be true but on further research they said this..

If you have any questions feel free to ask/PM/email on! But if you’re simply going to say this is a scam please don’t as I’m an honest girl and I put a lot of work into my website and hate it when people discredit it when they haven’t done research.


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