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Forum Moderator Application

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Forum Moderator Application

Post by Optiplex on Fri Jun 12, 2009 5:31 pm

Moderator Application

Requirements/questions that must be answered or applicable to yourself:

1] Active member of the forum for at least two weeks.
2] At least 100 posts.
3] Have a very good knowledge of this forum and it's intentions.
4] Post your previous website/moderating experience.
5] What do you have to offer to the team that will make us even greater?
6] Why do you want to be a part of our moderation team?
7] What is/are your biggest strength(s)? Choose one or more of the following:
a. Post editing
b. Spam detection, deletion, and prevention
c. Anger control
d. Forum suggestions for improvement

you meet the above-mentioned requirements you can show your interest in
becoming a part of the moderation team by posting in this thread.
regularly review applications in our constant search for new and
talented Staff members. We will review your application and your track
record on our forums. After reviewing a large number of your posts, and
if we establish that you have maintained an excellent reputation, you
may receive a PM with details. If you have broken any major rules,
please do not apply, as you will not be considered.

applying here you are NOT guaranteed whatsoever to make it to the staff
team. When we choose candidates, we look at many factors including the
following: personality, maturity, loyalty, enthusiasm, dedication,
technical expertise, and so forth.

The staff positions consist
of 100% volunteer efforts. You should only apply if you are an avid
supporter of the advice offered by Optiplex Tech and you have a strong
drive to support our growth.

Best Regards,
Optiplex Tech Team.

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I can See You!

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